In the event that Washington DC is viewed as a 51st state, would we need to purchase new Flags.

Most certainly, we would and there are as of now plans for 51 star, and 52 star American Flags. We don’t actually recall when Hawaii and The Frozen North became States. As we were simply baby. However, when we went to class we seldom saw a 48 star banner beyond the set of experiences books. The following are a 51 star and a 52 star Flag with the 50 Star in the middle between them.

At simply a look it is hard spot any distinction. So putting on a couple of additional states wouldn’t be a central worry in American Banner plan. In any case, it will take billions of dollars to supplant all the 50 star flag, weaved fixes, and banner symbols and stickers that we have all through the country.

Fortunately our flag never terminate, so the previous 50 star flag could be utilized until we were all ready to supplant them all. I surmise that the greater part of the ones utilized these days would simply keep on being utilized until they broken down, then, at that point, supplanted with the updated ones and most likely the banner covers as well, wink.

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