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Facts about the United States which foreigners doesn’t believe until they come to America

We usually ignore or take our rich culture for granted until we hear it from someone belonging to some other culture. From the very beginning United States has been home for many rich cultures from around the world and collectively it define the eccentric and unified American culture. So, below are few examples of the facts which foreigners use to hear/watch it in movies or other sources but at its denial,until they visit America and have their first hand experience with it’s amazing diversified culture.

Drinking from Tap Water

Drinking water from tap: People never believe that you can actually just drink water out of the tap in the bathroom or just anywhere. There is a good reason why the glasses are kept in the Bathrooms of all the American Hotels & Motels.

Cultural Diversity: People literally have no clue about the cultural diversity America has. I use to feel proud for being from a culturally diverse nation but being to America you can see people from all the races, even races which you might even know existed, all the religions and some how they all blend together.

Free Museum: All the Smithsonian Museums in Washington DC, are free!It is just hard to digest truth as an Indian.

MotorBike Less Roads: You don’t see motor bikes here in America as it is quite common to see motor bikes in India. And driving like that they literally owns the road.

Everything on EMIs: Here all the people lives on EMIs. From Houses, to Cars, Phones, Vacations, Travelling and everything. Here in India we hide our worth from everyone and live in simple ways as possible and try to be humble in every sense possible. But here in United States there is quiet something with quiet a people as they spend extravagantly on everything. Every one even lower middle class here has an iPhone.

Charged for Incoming: I’ve to tell you this is the nightmare for Indians as they are not use to of being charged for a incoming calls and messages. And I almost forgotten about the bad coverage provided by AT&T, as I’m use to of better coverage in India.

Use of GPS: Here every one uses GPS. As here in India people use to remember the roads by its direction and google maps has become quite popular now.

Conditions of Public Toilets:  The condition of Public toilets in India is unspeakable and this all changed in America and it was quiet refreshing.

Disciplined Traffic:  Being from India, I found it totally amazing the way everyone follow the traffic rules without any need of intervention from traffic policemen. Cars stop at zebra crossing and let the pedestrian cross first. Also, the parallel parking is really efficient! Here, roads are smother and well maintained.

American Flag

Patriotism/Flag: You will find American flags everywhere from Schools to Hospitals,to spas etc. as we don’t enjoy that much flexibility in use of National flag in India.

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